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mioReader is a Japanese-capable text viewer, able to display both text and html files. It features a dictionary lookup tool, based on the highlighted text, and a manual search. Due to the manual search capability it could be also used as a standalone dictionary lookup tool.

Features of the last version (0.08):
Dictionary: J/E EDICT (J.W.Breen) V02-001 / 19976 entries
File types: text and html, Utf.
Japanese search types: exact word match, partial word match, initial part of the word match (kanji/kana and romaji)
English search types: partial word match
HTML navigation buttons
Separate font selectable for the main view and the search window
Two different documents can be opened at the same time, allowing, for example, quick switches between a novel and a grammar reference text
Flashcard support with an unlimited number of sets. Embedded editor/reviewer

mioReaderLite requires an installed unicode font to work properly! (look at the links page)


mioFlash is a flashcard review program.
It shares the card sets with mioReaderLite, is very small and loads quickly.

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