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04 Mar 2007
The new version of mioReaderLite is out: 0.09.5
New features in brief: support for new text file encodings (as reported below), automatic GUI adjustment between lowres and highres screens, new buttons for copy and paste operations that work with other applications as well, fonts selection affect the whole program now, autosave for modified flashset ...and fixed 6 bugs too!
For the complete release notes and package please go to the sourceforge download page

27 Feb 2007
I intend to release new packages for mioFlash and mioReaderLite this weekend. I've been working on both projects and it's time make the updated programs available on ipkg.
Hopefully I'll be able to browse in CVS and sum up the changes, anyway here's a sneak preview:
mioFlash - new quiz modes, updated flashcard editing
mioReaderLite - support for all 4 major Japanese encoding types (UTF, EUC-JP, Shift-JIS, ISO-2022-JP) for text files on the Japanese Zaurus models, eventually! Several minor bugfixes.

23 Sep 2006
Eventually I've updated a new ipkg for mioFlash, a lot of new features and bugfixes are in the package.
There are several test types now, much more useful than the old crap, mostly due to Nick's ideas :)
Try it out and don't hesitate to complain and give your impression about the new features.
There are still some minor things I want to implement before a new major release (namely the flashset handling capability we already have in mioReaderLite) but all the major features are there now.

09 Apr 2006
Hisashiburi da ne!
After a long pause, due mainly to the new job position I moved to in 2004, I'm back and willing to work on mioSuite.
I've been once again in Japan in December last year and bought a shiny new Zaurus SL-C3100 and eventually I've understood all the problems the small icons caused to people with the new models!
I've uploaded the mioFlash sources to the CVS repository and made some small modifications due to the new development environment I'm using (Damn Small Linux). Feel free to join the project as a developer, send feedback and feature requests.
Two new people have shown interest in the project, let's hope it goes in a good way and we'll have more features added regularly.
Keep tuned, more updates coming soon.

18 May 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash
mioReaderLite 0.09.3b and mioFlash 0.03.3b are out. New flash test methods, minor improvements and thanks to Christian Ohm, the icons are back on the taskbar!
Again I repeat that we need feedback to find new solutions to solve the problems, don't be shy: try the beta versions, write your model, the version of the rom you are using and your complains!

19 Apr 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash
New beta of mioReaderLite and mioFlash, now flashsets can be saved also when using rom version 3.10
If you are trying the beta versions please send back some feedback writing your zaurus model, the rom you are using and the version of the programs (and bugs, of course!).
I'd like to write a compatibility info page and I need these informations.

16 Apr 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash mioLessons
First public release of mioLessonsTV, great japanese verbs lessons by Tim Matheson. I've cleaned the html code for the 240x320 screen size and packaged the pages in a single file.
The lessons index can be loaded using the apposite "load lessons" button in mioReaderLite.
Added the latest beta versions of the packages in the download section, new beta testers are more than welcome... try the software and please give feedback!
Now the beta of mioReader and mioFlash should work also on the japanese models, the only (known) drawback is that the icon on the taskbar is missing, I'm looking for a solution to this problem.
Another problem is that when using the new rom version 3.10 (I've finally upgraded!) it's not possible anymore to save the flashsets, so they are lost after closing mioReader. I'll solve the problem soon because that's a major limit that makes the new flashcard system unusable. Be prepared for a new beta release in the next days.

27 Jan 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash
New public release!
mioReaderLite 0.08 and mioFlash 0.02 are now in the download area.
A lot of bugs have been fixed in this release of mioReader and finally there is flash card support. Unlimited number of sets and a standalone (and very light) flash card reviewer, mioFlash.
Now I'd like to work on the problems still present on the japanese models, but unfortunately I don't have one to put my hands on.
If someone out there is willing to offer his machine for a deep weekend examination please send an email... I live in Ulm, Germany, so around Munchen/Stuttgart would be perfect! Also an italian user would be ok, so I'd have an excuse to go back to my Abruzzo for a few days!

23 Jan 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash
I've sent the last beta version to the testers today.
If everything's fine the release of mioReaderLite 0.08 will be next monday.

12 Jan 2004
mioReaderLite mioFlash - delay
Couldn't work on the project during last holiday, so there's a delay in the release.
Coming in a few days!

13 Dec 2003
mioReaderLite mioFlash - help help help!
At last flashcard support in mioReader!
The public release will be before Christmas, send me an email to beta test them before.
mioReaderLite is still not working properly on the japanese Zaurii. Maybe it's something about the text encoding. If you are programming for the Zaurii and have solved the same problem please help!!

10 Oct 2003
mioFlash mioLessons
After a long pause we are back on the project.
Beta versions of mioFlash and mioLessonsTV (Tim Matheson's verbs lessons) are being tested.
If you want to try them before the public release just send me an email!

12 Apr 2003
Yes, I said "by next friday"... on the first of April!
No more jokes, release 0.06 is out: small bugfixes and custom font setting! Different fonts can be choosen for the main window and the solution display.

01 Apr 2003
Version 0.06 is in beta testing.
I hope it'll be possible to fix all the bugs soon (there are only a couple!), to have the public release by next friday.
New beta testers are welcome!
Two guys are joining the mioSuite group:
Daniel Stewart from Tokyo (actually from Canada!), that is working on the lessons and flashcard stuff, and
Johnny Andersson from Sweden, that is working on a new kanji display feature ...and pointing out a lot of things that can be improved in my code! :)

17 Mar 2003
Back from Republica Dominicana... (;_;)
I'll start to work again on mioReaderLite this week. I hope that a new version, with custom font settings menu, will be ready in two weeks... but I'm not sure, 'cause I'm still at Caribbean working speed!! :)

03 Mar 2003
Released version 0.05
This version fixes a lot of bugs (mostly in the search method and solutions display).
The GUI gained a lot of usability.
New feature: buttons to navigate through html.

26 Feb 2003
Completely rewritten the GUI, solutions and search window are shown even if the virtual keyboard is displayed.
Improved the searches and show solutions method.
Improved focus policy and manual input.
Removed a lot of stupid code ^_^ (the executable is even smaller now!).
Probably a new ipkg release next week.

21 Feb 2003
First public release of mioReaderLite, 0.04. Still a lot to fix!
Uploaded all the web pages to the sourceforge server.

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