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This is the home page of mioSuite, a collection of software and lessons for Japanese language students.
The software is intended to run on GNU/Linux based PDAs, for example the Sharp Zaurus.
Was this introduction too serious? :)
Ok, here's the truth: I wanted to write a program that could replace the wonderful Dokusha for the PalmOS platform, so I could carry just one PDA in my bag... and, of course, to use the nice color screen of my Zaurus! (my M105 is getting older!!)
Thinking about the project and surfing the web in search of Japanese software for the Zaurus, I've decided to start a bigger project: to write, at least, a Japanese text reader, a dictionary look up tool (Japanese/English), and a kanji tool, all using a common flashcard system.
My hope is also to collect a lot of free web pages of Japanese lessons, cleaned and simplified for a fast and useful reading on the PDA.
For a complete list of available software and lessons, please check the news and downloads sections.

Ivan De Cesaris - iva_giglie@yahoo.it, in a cold winter day, 16 Feb 2003

ps This small contribution to the world of free software and open source has its roots in my love for Japan and Japanese language and culture, and got its name from my friend Mio.

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